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Human God

July 21, 2017

Philosophy Religion

This philosophy-meets-religion discussion took place when representatives of the Mormon Church met up with me and talked about their beliefs. Right of the bat came my first question, when they told me that God created humanity so the they could be like him. And I wasn't really convinced. The human race is, as we speak, actually standing on the edge on becoming Gods. I'm just going throw some quick facts here, and not go deeper on the facts because that's not the focus of discussion. Archaeologists all over the world had the technique to recreate the mammoth for some time but first now animal parks are willing to invest in such a project. Obviously DNA and genetic material are two completely different things, and I'm going further into how, but the mammoth genetic material isn't complete so it needs to be completed with pieces from an elephant. And even if complete mammoth genetic material should be found, it can't be used anyway because the last generations of mammoth were very weak and sick due to inbreeding.

The new mammoth becomes a new species, it wouldn't even be able to mate with an original mammoth, the same way a cat and a dog can't mate with each other. The Mormons, and probably most christians, doesn't like the thought of humanity evolving from a nature, so they introduce the God concept. The God concept includes a creator, who created Adam & Eve - the two first people, just like humanity is about to create the new mammoth. Adam & Eve and the new mammoth have one important thing in common which is: they didn't appear through evolution. Through this experiement, humanity becomes the mamooth's God, far more intelligent then the new mammoth can ever imagine, just like the Mormons picture God - far more intelligent than we can imagine. I think God created humanity for the same reason the humans are about to create the new mammoth, which is: to make money (the new mammoth will increase visitors to the animal parks which will generate more profit). I think God created humanity as entertainment. I think we're meant to be this emotional and aggresive, there's always a war going on somewhere on this planet. Watching humanity spread like a cancer, draining natural resources - channel earth might just be the most entertaining channel in our galaxy.


Hello World

July 18, 2017


The blog section is primarily where I practice/sharpen my english, but proceed with caution - personal opinions will be reflected here. I will post pictures here, that'll make no sense along with the discussion next to it. I see that bootstrap (out of the box) comes with only five different colors for span label, so I'll have to limit the categories/tags to five. Politics will be one tag, religion will be take one - because it has a major impact on the human race and the human planet, and then maybe science, food, philosophy, sports, music will battle out for third. Will see how the tags end up, it's not decided at this point.

I don't think blogs in general attracts people with pictures as much as before social media. I think people who still follows blogs do it for the discussions because social media like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are just way better suited for sharing photos. Philosophy will be the third tag, and Web Development another. Last time in the shower I was thinking about flags, are flags uniting people or rather creating a barrier between them? And why isn't there a human flag? A flag that defines our species. If I was given the assignment to design the human flag it would include four symbols:

  • The Atomic Bombs over Japan
  • The Holocaust
  • Slavery
  • Pollution

Viewed from above, the human race seem very aggresive, she spends big resources and the top engineers to design weapons with the intention of killing her own brothers and sisters in the most effective way possible. She is driven by society and the monetary system. She better pray that there's no after-life, because if there is - her punishment will be legendary even in hell.



I'm a web developer, and this blog will be used to sharpen my english primarily but also to announce site updates. And since it's a blog it will reflect personal opinions as well.