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Humanity can't affect nature, humanity is nature

September 25, 2017


In this post I'll try to explain why I deny environmental destruction. I do not deny global warming, I think it's very real and humanity is the crucial factor in that process, but it is not a destruction of environment. Imagine if humanity stopped recycling garbage and just piled everything up - plastic, food leftovers, electronics - all in one big pile. Now this would be very bad for us humans but for nature and animals it actually wouldn't make a difference. A city dump is a paradise for rats - there's food everywhere, plenty of space to hide from predators, they can grow in large numbers. And because rats and mice are basic food for so many birds and reptiles, the city dump is actually more like a national park - life thrives in a place like this.

I discussed this topic a little bit with my friend Alexander, I'm happy for his input, he basically commented that where a huge city dump is placed there's often wild life there already, for example deer, bears, wolves that has to move because they don't have the same immune system as rats and reptiles and there-for can't drink the water that is tainted by the city dump. I think every landscape favours some animals. And in growing city dump-landscapes, humans are one of those animals that has to move, but life still thrives and that's my point. Humans tend to view a city dump as something ugly but Mother Nature doesn't judge, she puts life there anyway.

I haven't read up global warming, but it's still going to prove my point. Factories, put there by humanity are "producing" carbon dioxide that heats up the planet leading to the polar ice melting which leads to rising sea levels. Just like with the garbage, global warming is only bad for humanity. Here in Sweden, lakes nearby nuclear power plants has higher water temperature than other lakes. I'm not going to go into how a nuclear power plant works, but a nuclear power plant needs cooling water in the process. So water from a lake goes into the power plant, cools down the "reactors" and then back into the lake, slightly warmer. Marine biologists has detected much more fish and a greater diversity of fish is these lakes than before the nuclear power plants where put there, and it's all because of higher temperature.


Tennis Balls In Space Part 1

September 03, 2017


All of my 3 followers reacted on those last lines in my previous post, which was about "humanity is innocent", and I just want to confirm that I'm not denying global warning and I'm not a Trump supporter. This leads us into the next topic where I also aim to explain myself.

Imagine a medium-sized room with a tennis ball launcher in it. The machine is set to launch a couple of tennis balls but for each tennis ball the machine changes the direction and power of the shot. And since we have all the information, such as power, direction, shape of the room - we can measure, in simulation programs, exactly where the balls will end up. And this is all possible because the tennis balls does not have the possibility to affect their journey. Some tennis balls will bump into many other tennis balls (and change direction from the hit) and some remain alone the entire journey, and it's all decided from the launching point.

I picture all the galaxies (the solar systems and planets) as similar kind of tennis balls, and they have been in emotion all the way back since The Big Bang. One of the mormons who had a huge impact on me was Sister May - that tennis ball really bumped into me with full force which changed my direction totally. Sister May grow up in the mormon church, her decisions are affected by the church, her parents (who introduced her to the church as soon as she was born) and also society that allows the church to pop-up. A certain kind of soil will support a certain kind of vegetation, for example there's no palm tree's in Sweden because of factors like that, and in the same way there's no mormon churches in regions where a dictator bans it. The human nature is much more complex than let's say lions, I could have discussed why lions don't pick a vegetarian diet, but I think I'm talking to a smart enough audience to skip that part.

As I announced, this is a part one of a much bigger concept but let's start discussing choices in this post. It felt like I had a choice earlier today when I was picking what pizza I wanted at the restaurant, I was thinking for like 5 minutes. That was a choice I made, but it was already decided. The menu was decided before I got the restaurant, and what flavors I like are also decided - so in conclusion, it was decided exactly how long it would take for me to make up my mind. I'm hoping that the tennis balls with the information about environmental destruction bumps into as many other tennis balls possible, but if they don't change direction, humanity is not to blame.

These posts are getting longer and longer... Xoxo

God's Plan Of Life

August 28, 2017

Philosophy Religion

Hi everybody, time for another discussion accompanied by a set of random pictures that makes absolutely no sense. This is a bigger concept than I expected and it will be a follow-up post to this. The mormon missionary Sister May started a lot of thinking in me as she told me about God's Plan. According to the mormons, God created us on a planet called Kolob, and there we received teachings about the "Word of Wisdom" and the "Law of Chastity". And as the final test - God made us forget everything he'd taught us, and then he created the earth, which he then put us on to see if we could follow the teachings. If we succeed, we'll be invited to enter his top layer of heaven (everybody gets in to heaven according to the mormons, but only the true believers may enter the top layer, which they call the celestial kingdom).

I believe that God's Plan is the plan of life. And it's a plan every single organism is a part of. You are contributing to it with every breath. Your lungs, placed there by God, turns oxygen into carbon dioxide which then plants use for their photosynthesis. Everybody contributes as much to God's plan, regardless of wealth, social status,paying tithing or not paying tithing (tithing is a church fee every mormon member pays each month). Even a homeless man sitting on a park bench drinking booze is contributing to the God's plan just as much as everyone else, and even when he throws up from drinking - that puddle of vomit on the side of the bench will support a certain kind of vegetation. If I go out and pee on the same tree every day, that tree will probably eventually die in time (from my pee), but after the tree dies, another vegetation, such as a bush will take it's place, because my urine changed the composition in the soil under the three, so God removes the tree and puts a bush there instead, a bush that uses the nutrition from my pee. Environmental destruction isn't against nature, or in other words: humanity doesn't affect nature, humanity is nature.

Thanks for reading, Xoxo


August 20, 2017


In Uppsala, Sweden, at the entrance to the university library you'll se a sign quoting a famous philosopher.

Tänka fritt är stort men att tänka rätt är större

In english it would go something like "Free thinking is big but correct thinking is bigger". This blog post is about that sign, and how it can be interpreted. I've met people who where upset with the sign because it suggests that there is a correct way to think. I decided to make this into a blog post when I saw a teacher at a university comment on the sign saying it's wrong. The teacher educates architecture at master level (the standard levels for engineers are bachelor, master, and doctor), and in the brief comment she said somthing like "my graduates are taught free thinking, which is bigger than any form of right or wrong thinking that follows a template".

I agree with the philosopher and I'll tell you what I think he meant by the quote. Free thinking means thinking without anything holding you back, and education is a tool that is affecting the way we picture problems and ways to solve them. Here is three major impacts on our thinking and decision making:

  • Family & Friends (Culture, Traditions, Role Models)
  • Society (Laws, Politics)
  • School (School Systems and Educations)

Now to give an example of someone who is able to think free, I want you to imagine a person who has none of the things above. Imagine a test person - a new-borned baby, let's call her Amy. We lock Amy away the first 17 years of her life, away from family, friends, society and school (education) - now when we let her out (and teach her a language to communicate with), we have a free thinker. Her ability to create knows no boundaries. I imagine Amy coming up with suggestions to solve modern day problems like air pollution for example, with ideas that no one has ever thought of, but will she be able to solve the worlds problems?

A long time ago I saw a documentary about an isolated ancient tribe in Burundi. The tribe had a population of approximately 500 individuals, and they knew basically nothing about the outside world - they thought they where the only people in the world. They used drums for communication, and on the big market there was a big drum used to communicate with the whole tribe at the same time (not to different from a microphone). The big drum worked very good in their tribe, and when they searched for other societies, they built a bigger drum. They could just invent a radio and turn it on, but the way of thinking is not too different from the "technological world". We make long distance communcation with satellite dishes, so when we look for other civilisations in other solar systems we build a bigger satellite dish.

Hopefully you'll see where I'm going with this discussion. Amy has a the ability to think free but I wouldn't bet money on her being dealt The Nobel Prize, more likely she'd be kind of stupid. To her, one plus one isn't euqal to two, and that's very rarely the case in nature. Put one snow ball in a box and add another snow ball, and later when you open that box you likely have zero snowballs (because they melted), so in this case 1 + 1 = 0. Add two piles of snow and you'll end up with one pile of snow, thus 1 + 1 = 1. One plus one equals two is only true in the theoretical field of math. Education provides us with tools such as math, chemistry, and physics, but it also limits us to use these tools. You'll come to a certain point when you can't forget or set aside what you have learned. Free thinking is big but correct thinking is bigger.


The God Concept

July 31, 2017

Philosophy Religion

This philosophy-meets-religion discussion took place when representatives from the Mormon Church met up with me and talked about their beliefs. Right of the bat, they told me that God created humanity so that we could be like him. And I wasn't really convinced. The human race is, as we speak, actually standing on the edge of becoming Gods, with the definition of being able to create a life-form without evolution. I'm just going throw some quick facts here and not go deeper on the facts because that's not the focus of discussion. Archaeologists all over the world had the technique to recreate the mammoth for some time now but it's not until now animal parks are willing to invest in such project. Obviously DNA and genetic material are two completely different things, and I'm going further into how, but the mammoth's genetic material isn't complete so it needs to be completed with pieces from an elephant. And even if complete mammoth genetic material should be found, it can't be used anyway because the last generations of mammoth were very weak and sick due to inbreeding.

The new mammoth becomes a new species, it wouldn't even be able to mate with an original mammoth, the same way a cat and a dog can't mate with each other. The Mormons, and probably most christians, doesn't like the thought of humanity evolving from a nature/evolution, so they introduce the God concept. The God concept includes a creator, who created Adam & Eve - the two first people, just like humanity is about to create the new mammoth. Adam & Eve and the new mammoth have one important thing in common which is: they didn't appear through evolution. Through this experiement, humanity becomes the mamooth's God, far more intelligent then the new mammoth can ever imagine, just like the Mormons picture God - far more intelligent than we can imagine. I think God created humanity for the same reason the humans are about to create the new mammoth, which is: to make money (the new mammoth will increase visitors to the animal parks which will generate profit). I think God created humanity as entertainment. I think we're meant to be this emotional and aggresive, there's always a war going on somewhere on this planet. Watching humanity spread like a cancer, draining natural resources - channel earth might just be ont of the most entertaining channels in the whole universe.


Hello World!

July 30, 2017


Hi everybody, welcome to my blog. This blog does not have a theme yet but hopefully something interesting will develop from comments and feedback. I am thinking of topics most people can relate to. Let's imagine sitting on the moon or another planet, still in our solar system, viewing the earth from an outside perspective. We'll see one organism standing above - which is obviously the human race, holding the whole planet hostage for her own needs. And it seems like humanity has more needs than collecting food and multiplying, although dreaming of a female companion takes up a big chunk of my daytime.

Humanity from above can probably be viewed as religious, I think most people have a relgion, and I think it's the result of questioning her own existance which is an indication of intelligence. We'll see beautiful churches and temples built by true believers, I mean how else did macro cosmos and life form if not created by a grand designer - a God?
Viewing humanity from above might not be all happiness though, I think we'll notice that the human race is very aggresive, and that she spends big resources and the top engineers to design weapons with the intention of killing her own brothers and sisters in the most effective way possible.

Ok, so humanity has made some mistakes in the past, but has she learned anything from them?
Well, no atom bombs has been used in war since the nuclear bombs that was dropped over Japan, nothing close to The Holocaust has happened again, and slavery, depending how you define it is a thing of the past. I think it's overall kind of daring to be religious and hope for a form of heavenly trial, that I've heard The Mormons speak of, including a prosecution of the sins that humanity has commited in her existence. Humanity better pray that there's no after-life, because if there is - her punishment will be legendary even in hell.


I'm a web developer, and this blog will be used to sharpen my english primarily but also to announce site updates. And since it's a blog it will reflect personal opinions as well.