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October 2, 2018

I just had my first assignment - To try to redecorate the old Settr -homepage. Basically, the Settr service helps "influencers" to interact with their subscribers.

This is how the page looks today:

  1. The page should not be gray-scale, it does not reflect the target audience.
  2. At first I thought it was a homepage selling glasses.

This is what a build on my first day (the three photos below, dumbo). I have got the response from the company and they liked my layout. I couldn't ask for a better first day as a trainee.



September 23, 2018

Podcasts are relaxing. I did a fast search on Youtube for podcasts in swedish and didn't get any legitimate results and that suprised me because podcasts has been around for quite some time. Podcasts do require some additional equipment - one microphone for each participant but it should be pretty easy to set up.

The podcasts that I'm recommending here is hosted by the sports announcer Joe Rogan. I haven't seen all three videos, just the middle one (#919). I found it really relaxing and cool. Apparently Neil Degrasse Tyson is the most requested guest on the show and as you can see, he visited the show three times. I was suprised by how smart Joe Rogan is and Neil confirms it aswell. Science is a lot about being curious and at the same time keep a distance to the phenomenon of investigation.

Joe Rogan Podcast - Neil Degrasse Tyson - #310

Joe Rogan Podcast - Neil Degrasse Tyson - #919

Joe Rogan Podcast - Neil Degrasse Tyson - #1159

Alien Movies

September 17, 2018

The best movies I've seen are probably drama but science fiction (sci-fi) movies always catch my attention. Here I'll discuss alien movies only. I haven't seen any movie with aliens coming the earth that I find reasonable. Our galaxy (The Milkyway) is pretty big and has the shape of an american football and our solar system sits at the edge of the football leaving us very isolated. The top speed to travel in the vacuum of space is the speed of light which isn't fast enough when you're heading for other solar systems. The only way for a high technology civilisation to travel here is through a wormhole. Stephen Hawking once proposed that aliens visiting earth would be a lot like when the european explorers first came to America. They have polluted their home planet just we are about to do here, and they're looking for a new home. And since they are ahead in technology, they could grow us in farms as food like we do with cattle, use us as slaves and so on. In the rest of this post I'll discuss why this scenario is not likely.

Common mistakes in alien movies

The biggest mistakes that alien movies have is that the aliens needs are projected on our needs. They are looking for natural resources, they want to conquer, they're territorial but we are like that because our environment shaped us that way. Our brain is designed to analyze visual impressions. We look at each other and from that we're trying to determine health, habits, personality, fertility, if the person would be a decent partner, if the person is dangerous and so on. Cats and dogs has got brains designed for smelling which in this case is far more accurate. Too match cats & dogs in the given situation, we need a blood sample.

What would aliens look like?

Our eyes ability to distinguish details is not the only qualification for our high technology civilisation. A cow, horse or pig couldn't get to where we are in technology because they're not able to grab things like we can with our hands. Our bodies are formed by the air pressure that is determined by our planets atmosphere. There is one animal on earth which has evolved in a different pressure and has the ability to grab things like us, I'm talking about the octopus. They would still need a space suit to maintain their photosynthesis, just like we need an a submarine when we're exploring the deep oceans.

What would an alien encounter be like?

As i mentioned, the only way to travel to earth from another solar system is through a wormhole and that technology is so far ahead from ours that it's like comparing our society with an ant's nest. Let's say that we decide to build a highway and the highway will be located close to an ant's nest. When the construction starts, the ants prepare for war, they use the weapons they have to scare the human workers away and soon enough we leave because the highway is done and the ants celebrate their victory. The ant ruler tells his colony that many soldiers died protecting the nest's territory but now the intruders has left. First of all, the ants does not understand the human technology but more important they don't understand our intentions. And an alien encounter would be a lot like that, we wouldn't be able the understand their technology and even less their intentions.

Laravel's Annual Conference Talk

September 16, 2018

The Tao of Laravel - Taylor Otwell - Laracon EU 2015

Taylor Otwell - Keynote - Laracon EU 2016

Taylor Otwell - State of Laravel - Laracon EU 2017

Laracon 2018 - Taylor Otwell - Keynote


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