I simply googled "web agency jonkoping" and this is the result. I just took a screen shot of their landing pages to see the level of presentation that is expected from me. I think a landing page should tell the visitor straight up what the website is all about. Perhaps less important if the brand is super famous, like Coca Cola, Pepsi or Nike but especially when it comes to web agencies it should say straight up that this is a web agency, we make homepages.

Some of these landing pages I like more than others but I don't want to step on anyone's toes, so I'll sort them randomly.

Two of the results above did not show up in the google search (again, I'm not mentioning any names), I choosed to include them anyway because I know they're seated in Jonkoping for a fact because I've been to them. And some of the results are not based in Jonkoping but somehow showed up anyway, these are included.