This section is usually where the team advertise their features but we plan to do that with live demos instead. We aren't very organized at the moment but we're working on it.


The day starts with coffee and a meeting in front of the white-board. Before lunch-time there's breakfast and workout or walks.



After lunch, we're back at our stations. Every station has dual screens and streaming equipment.


The Couch

At the end of the work day, we move to the couch area to grind out the last hour/hours on our laptops.


Here is a list of featured tools that we use. Some of the tools that didn't make it to the list but deserve to be mentioned are: Nova, Passport and Socialite.

Web Development

Laravel & Vue

Web Design


Web Hosting

Ubuntu Server

About the operation

The photo on the left pretty much sums up the game plan right now, which is a really simple approach. We started out with basically just laptops, an Internet connection and a really simple router. Then we expanded to modern work stations, white-boards, a Gigabit router, a Gigabit switch and a server. I like to imagine the next expansion to include more space and a 3D printer.
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About me

I am the founder, and the photo to the right is supposed to potrait me as a type of guy who likes challenges. I'm from Sweden, I'm still here, hanging out. I try to surround myself with people who inpsire me and contributes to my creativity. My favorite foods includes sushi, sashimi, dumplings, tacos and thai soup.
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