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Welcome to my channel. Here I'll be discussing web development all inclusive, so there's something for everyone.

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The human landscape sure has gone through changes historically. It went from farmer societies to industrial societies to communication societies and as we speak, it's tranforming into a knowledge society.

Marketing research is a new term to me but it is something a web developer must consider, at least in the early stages of a project. My dream is to create an application that fits into people's every day-life, and to do that I need to analyze the society in which I plan to release the service.

On this website, at least for now, you can read all about how I sharpen the tools of a web artisan. It's everything from literally building the server, to deploy a web application.


Here I'll be showing demos of the projects.

Social Media

There are plans to get more involved in social media. Podcasts are really cool, and it's something I'm looking into. A YouTube channel is also on that list - I've actually prepared a microphone and software for recording videos in 1080p.

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The Blog

Almost mandatory for a website is the blog section. I like philosophy so that's probably going to be the main theme, at least for starters. I might also be reflectiong on religion, I have friends who are religious, and I'm just fascinated that's all.

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Coming Projects

Here I'll be listing the projects. Hopefully there will be a sea of cool stuff in this section for you to contribute to or join. Everywhere you see a paper document there's an digital application just wating to take it's place.

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Since you scrolled this far I'm assuming you're either some guy about to offer me a job or a classy lady I'm trying to impress, either way this is extended introduction. This website sits on a server that I literally build myself. Building a server easier than building a common gaming computer since it's basically the same procedure except servers usually don't need a graphic card. The operating system is Linux Server, and some of the software installed on it is: Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and HTTPS. Don't forget to read up on routers, beacuse you need a router to define the ports for the server software.

For web development I use the following tools (not already mentioned): WAMP, Atom, Sublime Text, Laravel, HTML, CSS, JS, NPM, Vue.js and Bootstrap. Click here to view my profile.

The Team

The goal is to have a team to work with. Our office could be a chatroom on IRC.


Marketing Research

Hi! I am the project leader. I advertise the product/service to potential customers.

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Hi! I handle the communication between the application and and the database.

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Web Hosting

Hi! My assignment is to build and configure the server.

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Hello there! Basically I pack and unpack the database responses.

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