I will continue the presentation with icons.


I am a coffee addict.



Web developer means that I develop for the web, this means I don't make games or the type of apps that you may find on App Store.


The Couch

In the afternoon, the coding continues on the laptop, on the couch.


Read more about the tools that I use.




Vue.js, Tailwind...

Web Hosting

Ubuntu Server

About this website

The name LazerPewPew was pretty much chosen at random, I just went with the first available domain name I could find. The photo to the left summarizes my vision very well, laptops and coffee maker in the kitchen and the 3D printer in the garage. I don't know about the ukelelelel though but I'm always up for trying new things.

About me

People call me ghostlaptop but my real name is Ted. The photo to the right is supposed to resemble challenges, which I like. I'm from Sweden and I'm still here, hanging out. I define myself as a team player in projects primarily but I'm always ready to go solo. My favorite foods includes sushi, sashimi, dumplings, tacos, and thai-food. Obviously ethiopian food is one level above but there aren't enough ethiopian restaurants here in Sweden.