Your princess is waiting at the heart of the Baltics


Hi, my name is ghostlaptop - welcome to my lair (not that I'm some kind of animal). I like computors, more specifically: programming. Me, my server and I, are sitting in my grandma's basement here in the cold IKEA-country of Sweden. My grandma brings me milk and oreos - she's super awesome!

The Forums

The Forums is my first project. Overall I would say it's at medium difficulty level to create, you need to know the database your'e using really well because most database tables needs to be related to each other. Basically you can create a forum like this with just (the programming language) PHP and (the database) MySQL.

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The Blog

The Blog is my second project, and once again I managed to escape real-time coding with channels listening for events and all that. A general advice is to start small, because web development gets tough really fast anyway. I use the blog primarily to sharpen my english, and it's also an opportunity to basically trash-talk a pretty sunset.

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The News App

Perfect along with your morning coffee is the News App. It doesn't have ads in it, so it's quick and easy.

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Coming Projects

The programming language PHP does not have real-time features, and in order to have real-time functionality such as a chat, you can add AJAX, Angular, but a natural choice for me is Vue.

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