This is a simplified summary of the operation. Planning, coding and designing are the ingredients I choosed to mention briefly but of course there's testing, web hosting and so on. Web hosting is a bit of a hot topic right now with the entry of serverless architecture.


Every morning starts with a 45 minutes group meeting. We set up weekly goals as well as daily goals. Basically our SCRUM board has five sections: Ice Box, Emergency, In Progress, Testing, and Complete.


The Coding Phase

Coding is where we like to spend our energy. We gain energy by going to the gym, exercise and make smoothies. Knowing how to get energy is very important if you want to be able to spend it efficiently.



Designing and coding has a fundamental difference. Because coding is a way that we translate the things around us while design is basically color themes and aspect ratios that attracts us anywhere, not just in applications.

The Operation

This picture I like because it gives an impression of simplicity. Laptops, internet connection and a kitchen table is all you need to create web applications. Our office is basically five desks, two desktop computers, two laptops, one server, two white-boards, one SCRUM board and one post-it wall. And every morning we set aside 45 minutes to set our daily goals.
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About me

My name is Ted, my friends call The Wolf because I howl like one after taking tequila shots. I'm the founder of this incubator. I think this picture resembles me well. I am a balance of perfectionist and competitor. I always try to surround myself with people who inpsire me and contributes to my creativity.
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