Why ask someone to build your homepage?

Homepages has been around for a long time, and even though it's 2019, they still are complicated to make. Level one is like creating a .txt -file on your desktop and rename it to index.html. Open the file in your default text editor, probably Notepad, and fill it with "Hello World", and save it. In addition to a computer with an Internet connection, we now need a router. Open port 80 on your router and point it to the computer in the network where your index.html is. This is called Port Forwardning by the way. Next you need to install a web server, and a free and professional tool for this is VirtualBox. People can now visit your homepage through typing in your IP-number in the web browser.

If you have a computer, Internet connection and a router, this is actually a method which is free of cost, but it is complicated. Who's using IP-numbers over domain names ever? needless to say, you need a domain name (DNS). Domain names aren't that expensive by the way. Let's address the elephant in the room shall we: VirtualBox. VirtualBox is, as I said, totally free, used by the professionals, but it's complicated for a non-nerd. Even I use WAMP/LAMP over VirtualBox when I can! VirtualBox isn't complicated in a stupid way, it's just a lot to learn. If I wasn't a huge nerd, I'd gladly pay someone take care of this stuff.

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The name LazerPewPew was chosen at random pretty much, I just went with the first available domain name I could find. LazerPewPew is the name of my super sweet incubator. There are currently 3 computers and 1 server connected to my Gigabit router. There is a Gigabit switch aswell with 8 additional ports. The server has an Intel Core i7 processor with 4 cores (Quad-Core), 16GB of RAM, and 2 SSD discs with room for 2 more.

About Me

I think TV-series gives a great tell of a personality but in this in this summary I'll start with favorite foods. Not necessarily in any order we have sushi, sashimi, dumplings, tacos, thai food. Obviously ethiopian food is one level above but there aren't enough ethiopian restaurants here in Sweden.