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Imagine a world without borders or boundaries. Imagine a world where anything is possible.

Tags: Web Development, Back-end, Front-end, Web Design, Web Hosting, Marketing, Technology, Tech.


Hi and welcome to my channel, my friends know me as ghostlaptop. This channel will be all about web development - that's my goal. Learning to code is one thing but shaping ideas for digital applications that helps people in their daily lives is something way more complex.

In case this project doesn't take off, I might just move all of my content to already-existing social media such as YouTube, GitHub and Medium - we'll see.

The News App

The News App. Get a super fast update on the world news. It's text-only so it'll load faster. Basic functionality.

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The Blog

Warning personal opinions will be reflected here. The initial tags are philosophy, religion and technology.

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Coming Projects

Coming projects will be announced here. This will also serve as a minor platform for evolving ideas.

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Digging deeper

Primarily this website will be about the following departments:

  • Web Hosting
  • Back-End
  • Web Design
  • Front-End
  • Marketing

Going out in style...

I wanted to end this presentation with the song Uptown Girl by Westlife but unfortunately I could only find the music video in 480p. I'll just pick a random 1080p video instead.