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Hi there, I'm ghostlaptop, and welcome to my channel! Here I'll discuss web development and everything that is included. This home page also serves as a platform for me to improve my english skills. Ok folks, I guess that's all for now, don't forget to check in every now and then since features are added continuously. Stay in school and don't be too curious with drugs, and remember: the town fool and the super genius often have a lot of things in common.

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In the old system of broadcasting, you were fundamentally limited by the amount of space in the air waves, you could only send out ten channels over the air waves of television, or even with cable you had 500 channels. On the Internet, everybody can have a channel, everybody can get a blog or a Facebook page - everybody has a way of expressing themselves. So what you see now is not a question of who gets access to the air waves, it's a question of who gets control over the ways you find people. You start to see sites like Google - these sort of gate keepers that tell you where on the Internet you wanna go, the people who provide you your sources of information. So it's not only certain people that have a licence to speak, now everyone has a licence to speak, it's a question of who gets heard.