Lazer? Pew! Pew!

I would like to say that I'm a part of a digital agency but unfortunately it's just me here. My name is Ted, I'm from Sweden, I'm still here hanging out, and I code for the web. Coding for the web means I do not make video games (not even mobile games), I do not make the kind of apps that you might download from App Store. But everything else pretty much, I do.
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First Impressions

I will not say anything negative (or anything at all) about the following websites. I googled "Web Agency Jonkoping", and this is what came up...

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Building A Website - From Idea To Deploy

Building a homepage is more work than most people expect, or perhaps not more work exactly but more steps. In this post I'll go through them...


Some Books On Motivation To Get You Started

What if I told you that setting goals (big or small) and achieving them is the easy part, it's having fun on the way that's hard...


I am a Full Stack Developer, which means I know all the tools needed to build a complete web application. Most often you'll see one language for the back-end, one language for the front-end etc, this is completely normal. I use the TALL-stack which includes TailwindCSS, Alpine.js, Laravel and Livewire. I personally think that my stack is the best one out there but focus should be on getting it done. I've been a perfectionist for too long now, it's time to get sh** done.
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And here I'll list my projects eventually. There's a few in the pipeline already actually.