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Hello there! Welcome to my channel. I'm known as Dyzlectic Duck, perhaps a bit more unique name than Ted. I am a web developer, actually I think my college degree says Computer Science but let's not go nuts over details. If my english does not meet your expectations, it's because I'm from Sweden and more on that in the About -section.

I hope you like the presentation, web design is probably the weakest of my web development tools. Photos are nice and thanks to Unsplash, I own the rights to all the photos on this page. Unsplash is a really cool website where photographers from all over the globe can donate photos for anyone to use with full rights.

The Blog

The perfect starter project. Minimum Vue required.



In english. Uses a cool technique, which you can read more about.



Updates, bug fixes and more will be announced here.

Coming Projects

From zero to deploy, read all about it in this section.

About Me

As I stated in the introduction, I am Dyzlectic Duck, I'm from Sweden and I'm into web development. I wasn't a nerd as a kid but I consider myself a nerd today. Well, at the age of 7 I was a member of the chess club and I created my own comic books but I didn't grow up on Linux or coding, that's what I'm trying to say (and at that time I was popular among the girls).

Before 2013, I was looking into Django and Cake but ended up going into Laravel. For front-end I use Vue (I've noticed that a lot of people use React with Laravel, so just to make things clear). I like to plan things but not too far ahead. My favorite food are sushi, taco, sashimi and thai soup (and not necessarily in that order). Obviously ethiopian food is the best but there's not enough ethiopian restaurants here in Sweden.